About Us

This site serves as the home site of the Mediator Ethics Forum, established by the Kiryat-Ono Community and Dialogue Center, in cooperation with the Ono Academic College. The Ethics Forum has been operating since 2012 under the direction of Dr. Omer Shapira, an expert on the ethics of mediation from the Ono Academic College Faculty of Law, and coordination of Carmela Zilberstein, founder and director of the Kiryat-Ono Community and Dialogue Center in the years 2005-2015.

The site is designed to provide mediators, students and lecturers of mediation, mediation trainers and trainees, lawyers representing clients in mediation, and the general public with accurate and reliable information on mediation ethics.

The site includes a Code of Ethics for Mediators, a Code of Ethics for Community Mediators, mediation ethics resources, Ethics Opinions, and references to other relevant information. You will also find the Charter of the Code of Ethics for Mediators which calls on mediators in Israel to adopt the Code and act upon it.

The site enables mediators to refer ethical questions to the Ethics Forum. The forum then discusses the ethical question, drafts a professional and reasoned opinion in response, responds to the applicant, and publishes the opinion for the benefit of the entire community of mediators and the public, while preserving the anonymity of the applicant and the mediation parties. 

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