Code of Ethics for Mediators in Israel

The Code of Ethics for Mediators (2018) is intended to be used, along with the Code of Ethics for Mediators in Community Mediation and Dialogue Centers (2018), as a uniform and common code of ethics for all mediators in Israel, as part of promoting a vision of consensual dispute resolution by professional mediators who enjoy public trust.

The Code sets out the ethical standards of conduct applicable to mediators and is intended to enable mediators, mediation centers and non-community mediation centers and organizations, including MAHUT mediators and mediators handling court cases, to affirm the ethical norms of conduct they accept, thus promoting ethical practice of mediation, specialization in the field of mediation, and public trust in the profession of mediation and mediators.

We call on mediators in Israel to adopt the Code of Ethics, make use of it, and consult the Ethics Forum when necessary.

A mediator, a mediation center, and an organization of mediators who undertake to act in accordance with the Code will bring it to the attention of the mediation parties and the general public in their publications, on a website associated with them, or in other ways.

The Code was adapted for non-community mediators in the private and public markets by the Mediator Ethics Forum, established by the Kiryat-Ono Community Mediation Center, in cooperation with Ono Academic College, under the direction of Dr. Omer Shapira and coordination of Carmela Zilberstein.

The code is based on the Code of Ethics for Mediators (2014) of the Kiryat Ono Community Mediation Center, developed by members of the Ethics Forum, and the Code of Ethics for Mediators in Community Mediation and Dialogue Centers (2018), adopted in collaboration with the Israeli Association of Community Mediation and Dialogue Centers, Gishurim Program, and the Ethics Forum.

The Code does not replace the Courts (Mediation) Regulations, 1993 (hereafter – Mediation Regulations), or other professional standards that may apply to the mediator but supplement them.

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